Huey's 10 commandments

(to make the surf, and hence the world, a lovelier place)

1. Thou shalt not drop in
It's been given cooler sounding names in recent years, but a drop in is still a drop in. In small crowded conditions, it creates aggro and bigger critical waves it's just downright bloody dangerous. Remember, the guy on your inside, the one closest to the peak and level with or futher out to sea than you, has right of way.

2. Thou shalt not snake
Many of us have found it hard not to give into the temptation of spinning around late and taking off on the inside section of an already ridden wave. Indeed, with your mates it can be a laugh... but making snaking the norm sucks. It's doubly bad when you try and call the surfer you've snaked off the wave.

3. Thou shalt not shirk on the petrol money
You know the character who always slaps his pockets at the appropriate moment, and looks helpless as the request to contribute is made. Petrol money scabs won't go to hell... they'll just get left at home.

4. Thou shalt paddle around the break
Having great waves spoilt by inconsiderate pests who repeatedly paddle right through the path of the breaking wave is most frustrating. It's not that hard... make an effort to get out of the way and things will be much better for everyone.

5. Thou shalt not paddle out where thy can't swim in
This also could be rephrased "know your limitations". We all get caught from time to time by rising swell or unexpected changes in conditions for the worse... but we should not put ourselves into situations that will endanger others who end up having to save our sorry arses.

6. Thou shalt clean up thy crap
Daly heads used to be an awsome place to camp, but thanks to grotty kooks it's closed... maybe forever. The rule here is simple... leave the area AT LEAST as you found it.

7. Thou shalt respect local custom
Yes, locals can be a problem... but more often than not they are reacting to frequent invasions by inconsiderate and or aggressive transient surfers. It's not so hard... it begins with "g'day".

8. Thou shalt not fling thy board
This problem has become significantly worse in recent years with the resurgence in popularity of longboards. A spiky nosed shortboard might take your eye out, but a 15kg 9'6" projectile travelling at speed will knock your bloody head off. No matter what you ride, don't fling it. Be aware of people near you, and if you have to do a panic bail under a set, grab your leash close to the plug and turn your board at right angles to the beach. Even better... learn to duckdive properly.

9. Thou shalt not surf for the image
With corporate dollars being hurled at our "sport" in recent years, we should all pause and remember why we got into surfing. If it's because you reckon you look hot in a rashie, maybe you're better off auditioning for Home and Away.

10. Thou shalt help others in trouble
Just as you'd like to think someone would be around to save your skin in a life threatening situation, be prepared to do the same. A good start is to learn first aid... the more crew in the water that know it, the safer it'll be for everyone.